UWP Grid练习

UWP Grid练习 | 龚金琪
UWP-011 - Laudable Layout Challenge1. Use only a Grid control.2. I used the designer of a 5" Phone 1920x1080 300% scale.3. The large textblock's size is 48 points.4. Most of the margins are either 10 or 20 pixels.5. The TextBlocks for First Name, Last Name and Email should be centered vertically in the row.6. Tricky: You'll need to figure out how to allow your TextBlock title to span multiple columns.(Hint: Use Intellisense!) (更多…)


UWP学习笔记(一) | 龚金琪
03 C#、JSON学习C#的async、await、task等新功能,学习JSON(JavaScript Object Notation)JS物件标注04 XAML↙Schema(纲要):定义XAML语法规则XAML(XML语言)→特点:类似html(简洁、可视)↘功能:创建类的实例,并为属性赋值→定义用户界面 (更多…)